A fresh start.



So life changes. Quickly it seems. Only less than two weeks ago my husband Byron and I decided that the life we were living here in BC wasn’t working so we would move to Saskatchewan. At the end of the month. Yes this month we hit the road on Friday. Meaning I am starting this new online adventure in the midst of frantic packing (which seems to be an adventure all of its own when you have a 15 month old that seems to move as if she has ingested a whole bag of sugar).

For those of you who know me you know this is not the easiest decision for me. I feel like a bit of a black sheep in a smaller conservative prairie town but with this change comes the opportunity to chase a dream of mine. I am taking this time to focus on being a mother, stretching my wings as an artist, and focusing on becoming the wife I want to be.

The last two years haven’t been the easiest for me but I am taking this chance to grow and press the hard reset on my outlook.

For now though I am just trying to survive the packing process going from zero to moving half a country away in two weeks is a bit mind-blowing. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get in gear and on the road this week.

Stay tuned as I will up date you guys as soon as I am able!!

Mika =]


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