Life got AWAY from me.

Oh. My. Lord.

I swear I didn’t abandon this blog. But I will admit that life has gotten away from me a bit.

Lets see what has happened since my first post. Well we moved to Saskatchewan. The move itself was quick but when we got to our destination we found that the house we were moving into needed a lot of repair work. The basement needed to be gutted (there was a bit of a mold problem). The upstairs had been left in a state of disrepair by the previous tenants so it had to be fixed up and repainted. The cool thing about renting from family means that we get pretty much free rein on how to fix the place up but it all goes towards rent.

I had taken really good documentation of the refurbishing of our house BUT my cell phone unfortunately took a swim so I lost all the pictures. The good news is I am eventually going to show you all the completed house once I find time to clean that is. Probably see a lot of it in posts on Christmas activities.

In other news I have recently been hired by Prince Albert and Area Community Kitchen Partnership as their coordinator. The Ck Partnership vision is that all residents of P.A. and area will realize food security in their lives. We do this by setting up kitchens that teach people meal planning, budgeting, smart shopping, and cooking skills. This is all done in a fun and informative setting.

I have to say that I am quiet excited about this job. It is something completely out of the realm of what I am use to and it has a positive impact on the community. Plus it means I get to do my second favorite thing to do on my time off; cooking and playing in the kitchen! Also since I work from home I get to be mommy as well.

So we have our house and shelter. I have gainful employment. But that doesn’t mean I have been completely without my creative streak. The projects again have no pictures due to ruined phone but I have been making Evie dresses, apple butter and even doing some mix media art on the side.

Oh! That reminds me! I have an amazing office/studio space all set up in out basement. You all will be seeing lots of it as I post new art blogs.

So now that I am finally settled in my house and you all are caught up with the last few months of chaos we can all look forward to more frequent posts. I have lots of plans of this Christmas season and I want all of you to come along for the journey.


Look forward to have you along for my creative adventure.


Mika =]


p.s. I also completed something on my bucket list during our move … I ran in the Canadian federal election. Funny enough it was for the Green Party. Now my political ambitions are over. Maybe.



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